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MDU beer tap

Multi beer dispensers

Multipour MDUs, the ultimate solution for stadiums and venue operators aiming to optimise their draught beer operations. With our multi-tap fast beer dispensing system, you can effortlessly pour 6 pints at the touch of a button. The Qualflow MDU ensures streamlined efficiency, allowing a single staff member to operate each serving station with ease.

Unlike other existing fast tap drinks dispense systems, Multipour MDUs offer the flexibility to use paper, glass, or reusable cups. This versatility sets us apart, accommodating various preferences while maintaining unrivaled speed and quality.

Enhance your beer service and elevate the customer experience with our user-friendly and highly efficient system. Multipour MDUs utilise cutting-edge technology, effortlessly delivering multiple pints and optimizing the flow of your beverage operations.

Choose Multipour MDUs for a seamless and dynamic solution that maximizes the draught beer potential of your venue. Step into the future of fast and convenient beer dispensing with our state-of-the-art multi-tap system.

Fast poured beers at festival

Hire our multi dispensers

Our multi dispensers are now available to hire thorugh our partners National Mobile Bars.

For more information on renting MDUs please click on the button below.

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